The Group

Kyle- DM (me):

I’ve been playing DnD for about six years now.  Including Gamma World, this is the fourth campaign I’ve run.  I, like most people, discovered Dungeons and Dragons in college.  One of my friends asked me to play one night and the rest is history.

Paul- Mathias d’Cannith (Human Artificer):

Paul has been my friend for years.  He has always been into video games and other games like Magic: The Gathering.  When I discovered gaming, I, not wanting to venture into that darkness alone, dragged him in with me.  He started Dungeons and Dragons when 4th edition came out.

Mathias is a man who lost everything.  A Cyran born to House Cannith, he is a warrior at heart.  He marshaled Warforged for his House during the Last War.  When the Mourning came he barely escaped with his life, his wife and daughter weren’t so lucky.

Andy- Tarrin (Dragonborn Fighter):

How can you cleave with a maul?

Andy is new to Dungeons and Dragons. He met Paul and me by playing Magic: The Gathering, which he’s been playing since he was in 7th grade.  Paul and I, always looking for new people to play with, suggested he try D&D.

His character, Tarrin, is the Fighter of the group.  Tarrin is a proud dragonborn of Q’Barra who seeks to bring back the proud military traditions of his people.  He left his home for Sharn so that he could learn new strategies and tactics.

Rob- Fie (Changeling Executioner):

Rob played some 2nd Edition back in the day, he spent a ton of time making a campaign where the players would apprentice a Wizard as he attempted Godhood. They got 1 adventure in before it all fell apart, the players didn’t want to help the Wizard. That made him give up on D&D until Gabe, Tycho and Scott recorded an adventure with Chris Perkins. He loved the simplicity of the rules, the depth of the system, and the tactical challenge of 4th edition. He organizes and sometimes run Living Forgotten Realms every Sunday, plays in a (currently on hold) Dark Sun campaign, and play multiple video games.  I met Rob through organized play. I liked him so much I decided to keep playing with him.

Fie is largely on the run, pretending to be a Half-Drow named Ha’Rie. Only the party is aware of his true nature. Fie prefers to examine a situation, then rush in and end a threat as fast as possible.

Jeremy- Kallista (Tiefling Warlock):

Jeremy is an avid gamer who plays lots of Xbox and PC.  He recently got into Dungeons and Dragons on the suggestion of a friend.  A friend of Andy’s, we dragged him into our group when we found out he played.

Kallista is a nice tiefling until you provoke her.  Than her dark side comes out and her dark side id pretty dark.  She has left her home in the Shadow Marches to further her own dark powers.


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