To New Beginnings!

I think my favorite session in a campaign has to be the first one. I always introducing the world to my group and forcing them together. This one was especially sweet because we’d spent so much time making characters and the world.

I’ll admit that I had been a bit worried as to how my new group would take to the game. They were all new players. They had played with me once before and that was the extent of their experience. I’d met them through a theater group I’d recently joined and they’d asked me to DM for them when they found out I could. We used my worldbuilding method to create a world and I wrote a nice little first session for them. It went far better than I could have imagined.

First a little background on the world. The country this campaign happens in is called Illycera. It was once an empire, but it’s been torn apart by a civil war. It’s isolated from the rest of the continent and is experiencing supply shortages.  The empire worships Bahamut, while the rebels are worshipers of Tiamet. All of the players have been touched by this war somehow. At the start of the campaign, the players have found themselves on the Bahamutan side in what could be the final battle of the war. The Bahamut government has decided to throw as many resources as they can at this fight. To that end, they’ve hired the Wyrmbreaker Knights who are lead by Ordon Bloodmoon.

When we were making the world, I added a circle for a character of my own, Ordon Bloodmoon. The players knew he was going to be their enemy going into the campaign and they know eventually they’re going to have to stop him. I was worried they might act when he was the bad guy when their characters first met him. They didn’t. They’re all naturals and it’s awesome. They not only took to the game quickly, but they started roleplaying at a level I hadn’t seen at a table in years. I had to cut two fights from what I’d prepared because they were so into it.

The battle is taking place at the Temple of Tiamet; it’s believed that if the Bahamutans take the temple, the war is over. The players and Ordon have been tasked with infiltrating the temple. They enter and the players find that Ordon has his own agenda and no real interest in winning the battle. The players witness as Ordon blatantly murders the high priestess of Tiamet and destroys the temple with the help of his pet necromancer, Vinalia. She summoned an undead dragon that went on to destroy the temple as the might of the Wyrmbreakers slaughtered what was left of both armies.

Overall, the new group really took to this beginning. They freaked when they realized there was a dragon buried under the temple. They really enjoy the roleplaying aspect; they loved talking to every NPC they met. And while the group does have some speed bumps, they can be fixed. And I’ll be sure to tell you how I do that soon.