Reaper Launches Kickstarter for Bones Line

I recently raved about the Bones line of miniatures from Reaper.  They were giving them out at the paint and take table they had set up at PAX East.  Everything I said before holds true: they take paint really well, they have amazing amounts of detail, and they have a low price.  I wrote about how I would love to see an expansion of the line (there are currently 17 models available); apparently I’m not the only one who felt this way. Reaper has launched a Kickstarter to help pay for the costs of expanding their line of low price polymer models.  It was funded quite quickly.  Their plan will have the Bones line expanded to around 60 models by the end of the year.  The line will now include larger models, like giants and dragons, as well as player characters.

Goldar the Barbarian, one of the models to be added to the Bones line.

This expansion of the line is fantastic.  The addition of new monsters will help DMs grow their collection giving them customizable monsters to assault their players with.  The addition of charismatic models (like the one pictured above) players now have the option to create a unique miniature for their character and DMs can create one of a kind villain miniatures.  And the polymer material alleviates the problems of price and difficulty to paint.  There’s nothing worse than paying 10 dollars for a metal miniature that I’m afraid to paint and worried I’ll never use.  With Bones, I’ll pay a dollar or 2 for that same miniature.  That’s a gamble I’ll take any day.  Players and DMs alike will be able to amass collections like the old days.

I’ve already started my collection!

One of the best miniature companies in the business is looking to release awesome models at an awesome price.  If this is the future of role playing miniatures, then I like this future.

For more on Reaper, check out their website.