Other Things to Play: GIANT Cthulhu Dice

I love dice, everyone knows that. If I could play with dice every day, I would. So I naturally gravitate towards dice based games. Cthulhu Dice, another fine product from Steve Jackson Games, is a simple and addictive game. It consists of a handful of beads and a single die. The beads represent your sanity as you try to drive the other cultists insane and take control of the cult while the die represents your ability to attack and defend. The die has 12 sides and five different symbols based on the Cthulhu mythos. Each dies causes a specific result when rolled. On your turn you roll to attack another player and they then roll to defend themselves. If you roll the Yellow Sign, the person who wasn’t rolling must put a sanity in the communal pool in the center (this is Cthulhu’s), if you roll the Tentacle, the attacking player gets a sanity from the defending player, even if the defending player rolled it. If you roll the Elder Sign, you get a sanity bead from the central pool. If you roll Cthulhu, every player loses a bead, and if you roll the Eye, you get the pick the outcome of the roll. When you lose all your sanity, your goal becomes preventing anyone from winning. And yes, it’s possible for everyone to lose at the same time.

It’s a fun game. A slightly oversized die with some beads, but there is a way to make it better, to make it more fun, to increase the scale.

Cthulhu die

My weapon of choice

I am the proud owner of GIANT Cthulhu dice. It’s made of squishy foam and tons of fun to whip at your intended target. It doesn’t hurt because the die is made of foam (I think the actual size one would hurt more) and the active element increases the experience. The giant version was originally used to demo the game at conventions, but there was so much interest in it Steve Jackson Games produced it for general consumption.

This game is a great little thing. Very easy to transport and very quick to play. Both versions are a must have, especially if you love dice as much as I do.



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