My Halloween Adventure: Finale-The Beast of Woodbridge

Here it is: everything I’ve been writing about this month put together to make the adventure I’ll eventually run. I say eventually because players, like all DMs know, can be a herd of cats. When I do run it, I’ll post a full report.  Also, bear with me here.  Regular readers will know I like to play fast and loose and when it comes to World of Darkness, I play it really fast and really loose.  My notes here are anything but complete. Don’t be afraid to comment or message me if you have any questions.


The players are all residents of the town of Woodbridge. Each of the players is ‘somebody’ in town, meaning the sheriff, the hardware store owner, the doctor, something like that.  Woodbridge is an extremely isolated town in upstate New York.  There is about a mile of what could be called civilization in the center of town on either side of Main Street. The town has a sheriff with two deputies.  To the north is Woodbridge State Park, a massive and densely forested park that can be impassible if you don’t know it. To the south are miles of farmland.  There are also an elementary school and high school in town. Most of what the players would be looking for can be found in town, but nothing insane. There’s no army/navy store, there’s no Dick’s Sporting Goods, but there might be WalMart.

The antagonist of this adventure is a disgruntled man named Wilbur Davidson. He’s been using black magic for years trying to resurrect his dead wife. He’s made a deal with a demon that if he overruns the world with evil possessed wax monsters, he’ll get his wife back. Wilbur will do anything he can to get his wife. He knows he’s gone too far and doesn’t care; when confronted by the players he’ll fight to the death.  They’ll meet him for the first time in Scene Two.

Scene One-

The players are drinking in the town bar The Hunter’s Rest, they hear about a new wax work in town (treat this as a minor thing). One of the local farmers complains about losing another cow to an ‘animal’. The knight rolls on and the bartender walks the players out of the bar.  Outside the bar they find the body of Tom (a local, have him be someone the players would see almost everyday, filling a position in town they don’t). He’s badly mutilated as if he was ravaged by a wild animal. The best guess would be a bear.  But it was something bigger than a bear…

Scene Two-

The players try to research what attacked Tom outside the bar. Use the skill polls from Chapter 3 of the core WoD book for this.  Most difficulties should between 3 and 6. What they should eventually figure out is the attacker was a werewolf, cows are a favored prey, and silver kills them. They then will use skills to gather the silver and set a trap for the werewolf.  Note this is a classic werewolf, something that changes and goes nuts during a full moon, not a WoD werewolf. It’s possible that they run into Wilbur Davidson. In fact, they should. He’s weird, fascinated by the occult, and would know about these things.

Scene Three-

They trap the werewolf (I’ll let them figure out how they do it).  When they catch it, it runs into the woods.  It’s an extended contested action (the wolf has a pool of 4) the first to ten wins (players catch the wolf/wolf escapes).  Players roll Dex/Athletics or Stam/Athletics.  If they catch him, they fight.  If it gets away, they’ll have to go back to the drawing board.  If it gets away they’ll find a patch of fake fur. This will lead to more investigating, which could lead them to the waxwork.

‘Werewolf’ Stats:

Note: I only put down the dice pools I’ll use.


Bite 7 dice (L)

Claws 5 dice (L) attacks twice

Health: 7, takes 1 extra damage from silver weapons

Scene Four-

When they kill the ‘werewolf’ it will remain dead for a dramatically appropriate amount of time. They’ll notice something is off about this body, it doesn’t seem right, natural. When they least expect it the ‘werewolf’ will ‘come back from the dead’ and attack again.  Same stats, this time the only thing that can keep it down are fire of getting it to full aggravated damage. When they kill it, burning black smoke will pour out of it. They’ll now see that the body is actually a wax sculpture. The only logical place this could have come from is the waxwork.

Scene Five-

The players go to the waxwork to find Wilbur in the middle of a terrible ritual. He completes it and animates all the wax sculptures in the display. They attack the players. The waxwork is one big room with the displays around the room. There is also a room in the back used for storage and sculpting.

Wilbur stats


Fists 5 dice (B)

Shotgun 7 dice (L, 9 again)

Health 9



Wax man stats (8)

Attack- Blunt object 7 (B)

Health 4 Aggravated from fire

When this is done, they’ll have saved the town. Like any good 80s horror movie, the adventure will end abruptly.

There’s the adventure, let me know what you think.  And again, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you have questions about it.


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