My Halloween Adventure: Part 3- The Finishing Touches

The last thing I do when writing an adventure is fill in those little details.  These can be anything from the parts between the major scenes to what items I’ll let the players find or have.  But before I get into that, I realized that I’ve missed a huge part of my adventure, I haven’t talked about my villain at all! So, I’ll start there and get to the other stuff after.

The antagonist of this adventure is a disgruntled man named Wilbur Davidson. He’s been using black magic for years trying to resurrect his dead wife. He’s made a deal with a demon that if he overruns the world with evil possessed wax monsters, he’ll get his wife back. Wilbur will do anything he can to get his wife. He knows he’s gone too far and doesn’t care; when confronted by the players he’ll fight to the death. The wax monsters follow his orders when they agree with them, but they have a vicious lust for violence. They will kill in the way their form would dictate.

Now, the items my players will have available to them will be the kind of things that would make sense for them.  They’re all residents of a small town, so they’ll only have what people like that would have.  That means no heavy weapons, samurai swords, or grenades.  They’ll have access to things like camping gear, flashlights, and hammers, basically anything you could find in a local hardware store. If one of them is the sheriff, he’ll have access to the sort of things they’d have.

So last time I described the three major scenes that will be in this adventure. After the initial attack, when the players find the body, they’ll have to investigate the incident. This will involve several social interactions with stock characters like the town librarian, the witness, and the local weirdo (that guy who knows this stuff).  Before they fight the creature for the first time they’ll need to track it. I’ll put together a quick chase scene for them involving running through the woods trying the stop this beast. It’ll either start with them protecting a prospective victim or the creature is sent after them for knowing too much. Finally, they’ll have a tense drive to the wax works when monsters try to drive them off the road, preventing the players from stopping Wilbur.

The first creature is going to be based on classic werewolf legends. The town the game takes place in is Woodbridge, an isolated small town with mountains to the north and most of the city limits taken up by the dense forest of Woodbridge National Park. There will be a deep history of werewolf lore in this town for the players to discover (this is, of course all, misdirection). They’ll think the first victim fell to an animal attack.

These are the small details that bring life to and fill out my adventure. Without them, the whole thing would be just sort of flat. Next week I’ll put up the complete adventure as I’m going to run it.


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