My Halloween Adventure: Part 2- The Important Scenes

The most important part of writing an adventure is having the important points you want to hit mapped out before you start writing.  It’s especially important with a story driven system like World of Darkness.  For my adventure I have three scenes that I want to happen for sure.  From this point it is matter of filling in what happens between these scenes, how you get from A to B if you will.  But, it all starts with these three major events.

I knew from the beginning that I wanted the climax of the story to be when the players thought they had killed one of the wax creatures (by staking it or shooting it with a silver bullet depending on the creature I make it look like) and having it stand up and keep fighting.  The point is they can’t kill these things unless they destroy them completely or with fire.  This is the point when I reveal the big twist to them, so it’s probably going to be the most important part.  This was the first scene that came to me.  I went into this process knowing I wanted my players to fight something that stands back up after they think they’ve beat it.  The wax idea came after and I adapted this idea to that.

I want to open the main story of the game with the players either hearing about or seeing a dead body.  This is the hook, the initial incident that sucks the players into the story as it goes on.  The body is going to be killed in a way that clearly points to one of the classic monsters.  This is how I start to lead them in the direction away from what it actually is so later the twist is actually more surprising.

The final scene I want to have is the players going to the wax work and all hell breaking loose.  They’ll fight off all the wax creations and try to stop the evil man who is making all the wax monsters.  I want this to be an exciting closing scene.  In Waxworks, my source material, the end is insane.  A random group of old people show up to fight the wax monsters and the scene is just crazy.  My ending probably isn’t going to be as insane.  I want it to believable, but also satisfying.

These are the points I want to hit with my game.  From here I’ll put them together to make the whole adventure.  Come back next week, and I’ll tell you how I plan to fill those gaps.


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