Other Things to Play: Cards Against Humanity

This weekend I discovered a new game, Cards Against Humanity.  It’s subtitled “A Party Game For Horrible People” and the only thing I knew about it before now was that it’s almost impossible to get your hands on.  It’s rare to catch it online when it’s not sold out.  And after playing it, I can tell you, there’s a very good reason for this.

If you’ve ever played Apples to Apples, Cards Against Humanity will come to you pretty quickly.  Just like in Apples to Apples, one player picks up a card that has some sort of descriptive text on (the black cards) and each of the other players puts down a card with a noun on it (the white cards) and the player who drew the black card chooses the white card he likes best.  Whoever gets the most black cards wins.

Where it differs from Apples to Apple is subject matter.  There are black cards that say things like ‘What ended my last relationship?’ or ‘how did I lose my virginity?’ and the white cards say things like ‘icepick lobotomy’ and my personal favorite ‘two midgets shitting into a bucket’.  The game is a blast.  We were laughing so hard that we couldn’t breathe.  We were laughing until we needed to take breaks, as if we were in the middle of an intense workout.

I think it’s way more fun than Apples to Apples because it solves the major problem of that game.  Apples to Apples isn’t fun with a group of people you don’t know.  It requires a certain amount of knowledge of the people you’re playing with.  Cards doesn’t need that.  Tactless humor is fairly universal and anyone has a great chance of winning with any group of people.

One final great thing they’re doing is offering the core game for free via PDF.  You need to take it to a print shop or similar place to have it put together, then you’ll need something to keep it in.  They go through all of this in the PDF, which you can find here.

If you get the chance to play this game do it.  And if you can purchase this game, don’t hesitate.


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