Project: Outcasts Part 1

I’ve recently taken up a new game.  It’s a departure from my normal diet of RPGs and board games, but I’m smitten with Dark Age.  Dark Age is a miniatures game I’ve written about before that has slick and fun rules, some of the best miniatures I’ve ever seen, and incredible fluff.

In the game, you take control of a warband from one of various factions and fight on the world of Samaria.  That decision took me a long time to make but I eventually decided to play the Outcasts.  The Outcasts look like characters from The Road Warrior series of films.  There is even a unit of kids with boomerangs, just like the kid in the second movie.

My Brute and my Fixer mid battle

Initially, I purchased a Manhunter, a Fixer, a Brute (the second sculpt), and a unit of Wasteland Warriors.  The models are, as I said, incredible, but they’re all metal.  I’d forgotten how hard metal was to glue until I tried it again.  These are easier than most however.  The few models that aren’t one piece have joints in such a way that gluing is very easy.

My first batch of Outcasts coming together.

Eventually though, I did have to break out some heavy duty stuff.  The glue I was using, Zap a Gap, wasn’t doing the trick and my roommate lent me Locktite.  Locktite holds metal together in the most incredible way and is very inexpensive.

My Outcasts, completely assembled

I haven’t started painting yet, but I plan on a darker color scheme.  Black leather, tanned skin, rusty weapons, that sort of thing.

My first Brute

What I have here is 350 points.  The list does not play well.  The core of Warriors and the Brute hold up nicely, and the Fixer is great for keeping them up.  But the Manhunter is just too many points at 350.  If he’s on a roll, he can be worth every point and more, but if not he just disappoints.  The Brute (or Brutes if you’re feeling enterprising) hit like trucks.  They can also take a beating.  Wasteland Warriors are great troops for shooting or close combat, wherever they’re needed.  Where they really shine, however, is when they’re softening up enemy targets for a brutal charge from the Brutes.

My Wasteland Warriors

Keep checking back as I work on my Outcasts for more updates and reports on how they play out as I expand to higher point games.


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