Other Things to Play: Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards, Duel at Mt Skullzfyre

Imagine a world of wizards of obscene power, where all of your murderous fever dreams come to violent life in orgies of gore.  Now, imagine a game was made out of this world.  You just imagined Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards, Duel at Mt Skullzfyre.  The game takes place is a world reminiscent of Adventure Time if it was directed by Eli Roth.  Like those shows you catch late on Adult Swim, Epic Spell Wars is not for children.  The art is violent, vibrant, and full of so much life (and death).  Every card is a masterpiece of intricate detail.  I’ve had the game since February and we’re still finding details on the cards.  The zany spell names only add to the overall immersion.  The reference to Chuck Norris is probably my favorite.  Open the box and you’ll quickly find yourself in a world of equal parts comedy and murder, a world of the best kind of madness.

And you’ll find this

The rules of the game are very easy.  To win you have to kill all the enemy wizards, twice.  To do this, you build a spell of the black backed component cards.

Some of the component cards

There are three types of components: Source, Quality, and Delivery.  When your spell contains one of each, they form one panoramic picture (the coolest part of this game).  There are several different glyphs, which represent the types of spells, like Dark or Arcane.  A spell, while being built, may contain no more than one of each type of component, but can have less.  This can lead to some interesting choices in the late game.  Do you play one card and go first? Or do you play a more powerful spell and risk letting your opponent kill you before it resolves?  The final piece of component cards is the initiative number, found at the end of the spell name on Delivery cards.  This decides how the spells are resolved.  When playing, each play puts their spell face down in front of them and declares their initiative number.

The glorious bounty of treasure cards

The other two types of cards are treasures and Dead Wizard cards.  Treasures give you advantages for a game (a game being until every wizard is dead).  Some act as extra glyphs, some add dice to your power rolls, and some allow powerful effects.  The main point is treasure is awesome and gives you a very clear advantage.

Dead Wizard cards, morbid and fun

Dead Wizard cards are your reward for eating it.  When you die, you get one and it gives you a powerful advantage for the next game.  Every turn play continues while you’re dead, you get another Dead Wizard card.

Behold! Mt Skullzfyre!

Epic Spell Wars is fast paced and explosive.  The more players you have, the wilder it gets.  This game is a blast for any group and with its slick, uncomplicated rules, great for any level of player.  For more information, go here.


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