Other Things to Play: Zombie Dice 2

Before I really get into it today, I have this video that I wanted to post with this article.  It gives you a really good idea of how amazing Mesa Mundi’s product really is.  Enjoy.

Now here are my thoughts on Zombie Dice 2:

Zombie Dice 2 is a sequel from Steve Jackson Games consisting of three dice.  Two represent the ‘summer blockbuster’ and the third is Santa Clause as in ‘Santa Meets the Zombies’.

From right: the hunk, Santa Claus, and the babe.

It’s less of a sequel and more of a mod, meaning it’s not a new game, but a new way to play the same game.  You remove dice and replace them with the new dice.  It gives you three options: the summer blockbuster, which uses the hunk and babe, Santa Meets the Zombies, which uses the Santa die, and the direct to DVD release that uses all three.

The stars of blockbuster.

The hunk and babe replace two yellow dice.  The babe introduces nothing new.  She just has more feet (the ‘get away’ face) but the hunk introduces two new die faces.  The two brains and two shotgun faces.  They also introduce a rule that allows them to save each other.  If you roll a shotgun on either of them while having the other as brain, you lose the brain and return the other to the cup.  I enjoy the slight change they bring.  The babe can be incredibly frustrating with her habit of always escaping and the hunk can be nerve wracking, knowing that one bad roll can cause you to lose the brains you’ve accumulated.  Overall, I like the small change, but I’d like a greater difference.

Santa, complete with presents!

The Santa die is where this really shines.  Santa has six different faces.  One is a brain, one is a shotgun (I love the idea of Santa shooting a shotgun at a zombie), one is feet, the other three are ‘Christmas presents’.  Santa can give you two brains, a football helmet (which lets you take one more shotgun blast), or an energy drink (which allows you to change any green feet into brains).  I love playing with Santa.  This one die can change things so much; it really is the perfect change.

Playing with all three is a huge change.  It makes the game so much different and really enjoyable.  I love the idea of replacing dice.  I wish more games would do this sort of expansion.  Replacing things to change the game is a really awesome idea and I’d like to see more of this from other companies in the future.  I really hope they make more of these sequels, I’m excited to see what they do and what kind of crazy combinations I can put together.


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