d20 Pro and Mesa Mundi NUIT

At PAX East, I saw yet another digital tabletop program.  It was called d20 Pro, and despite having a fascination with that type of thing, I still needed to be impressed.  And I was.  Even without the touch screen interface (which I’ll get into very soon) d20 Pro is a very powerful piece of gaming software.  It has the standard things you’d expect from software like this, integrated dice roller, plenty of maps, taking care of all the numbers for you, that sort of stuff.  Where this really shines is two places, control for the DM and ways to play.  When I say ways to play I mean that you and your players have several different avenues for access to this.  You can play with your NUIT (wait for it, it’s worth it), online using your own computer as the host, in person using your HDTV as a second monitor, or any other way you can think up.  As for the control, this software has an incredible DM interface.

Shot of what the DM sees. The blue is 'fog of war'.

You have complete control.  You can even use ‘fog of war’, which I thought was a nice touch.  Everything you need is right at your fingertips, easily accessible and ready to slide right into the game.  This software really shines when paired with the right hardware, and the right hardware is the Mesa Mundi NUIT.  The NUIT and the nature of d20 Pro software allow you to go as far down the rabbit hole as you’d like.  You can use the entire functionality of the software or you can use it merely as a map for your own collection of minis.  Now let’s talk more about the hardware.

The NUIT being used with d20 Pro

The Mesa Mundi NUIT(Natural User Interface Technologies) is a touch screen interface with so many incredible uses.  You can use it for D&D, for digital board games, for massive versions of Android games (I played Angry Birds Space on there and it was pretty epic), even for watching TV.  There are some really cool digital versions of classic board games already available with more to come.  This interface has the ability to create incredible social experiences.

Gaming on the NUIT

The best part is they’ve partnered with Geek Chic to make my ultimate dream piece.  The Locus table.  It’s all the beauty and artistry of a Geek Chic table with a NUIT built into the table top.  The coffee table version has a built in motor to lift the screen to a vertical position.

Just amazing

I know what my spare change is going to.


3 thoughts on “d20 Pro and Mesa Mundi NUIT

  1. Thanks for the review and props. We’re working hard to make this as solid a product as possible for gamers. Let me know if you need any technical details and thanks again for the post!

      • Yes. The screen is a peripheral for any Mac or Windows PC. We also have Linux support, but it is not as clean as the Windows and Mac experience. At the show we demonstrated our screen technology connected to an Intel Atom D545, AMD A8, Intel i3 and Intel i7. All of the demonstration units were running Windows 7 64-bit with at least 2 GB of RAM.

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