Best of PAX East 2012

For those who aren’t aware, PAX East is kind of a big deal.  I make it a point to go every year.  This year I discovered just how amazing the tabletop area of PAX East is.  I discovered so many new and awesome games.  Here are the very best. I’ll be writing about some of these more in future postings.

The Tabletop Area, where I spent most of my PAX East

Miskatonic School for Girls

This game was neat. I started Sunday with a demo. The thing that drew me in was their tagline ‘a deck building game where you get to build your opponents deck for a change’.  What they mean by this is you can purchase (with in game resources) cards that are bad and put them into your opponents’ decks.  This game is fun, funny, and has incredible art.  Here for more information.

Dark Age

There was a time I was in Warhammer 40k.  There was a time when miniature armies excited me.  That time had passed, or so I thought.  Cool Mini or Not has released a game called Dark Age.  It’s based on the art of Brom, the miniatures are just beautiful, and it’s a skirmish game.  Skirmish means a handful of miniatures rather than a massive army.  I’m currently exploring the game more (I didn’t have the chance to demo it) and I’ll detail that entire process here for you.  I’m pretty excited seeing as this game is so dark, violent, and just plain cool.

A sample of the miniatures from Dark Age.

Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: The Duel at Mt. Skullzfyre

You could say, for me at least, Epic Spell Wars was the bell of the ball this year.  I bought this game the first day because I’d been planning to pick it up long before PAX came around.  Every time we took it out to play it, people were asking us what it was.  Someone from Cryptozoic actually stopped while I was playing and thanked me for buying it.  It’s such a fun and enticing game.  For more information look here.

Zombie Dice is the perfect line game

Steve Jackson Games

This year, I discovered that everyone loves Cthulhu Dice.  It’s a simple game that travels well, plays quickly, and it available in a multitude of colors.  What’s not to love?  But Cthulhu Dice was not the only thing Steve Jackson Games was showing off this year.  They also had new dice game, Dino Hunt, available for play test.  It plays almost exactly like Zombie Dice, which is a bit disappointing.  I really think they could do a lot more in that space.  And speaking of Zombie Dice, did you know they released a sequel?  Yup, that happened.

Reaper Miniatures

No, I’m not just discovering Reaper.  But this was the first time they were at PAX East in force and this included a paint and take table.  I hadn’t painted any miniatures in a very long time and I forgot just how much I enjoyed it.  On top of this, Reaper’s line of paints (which I hadn’t tried) are very, very good.  They are vibrant and stick well, but are thin enough that they don’t cover up the sculpting.  They also mix very nicely.  We were given minis from their new plastic ‘Bones’ line.  The minis take paint with minimal effort, have the same sculpt quality you’d expect from Reaper, and are at an incredible price.  I’m hoping they expand the line.  You can find more about these here.

My first painted miniature in years. Not bad...

Tuesday, I’ll finish my PAX coverage with my piece on Mesa Mundi and their incredible touch screen interface and how it’s being used for D&D.



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