Chupacabra: Survive the Night

Wandering the tabletop area of PAX East this year I was frozen in my tracks by a pair of striking red eyes.  Massive and commanding, they lead to me to table standing before them where I found this:

Those eyes!

Chupacabra: Survive the Night is a diced base game where you’re a farmer trying to ensure your livestock lives through the night and aren’t killed by the legendary goat sucker.  It’s made by the Haywire Group, who besides being really nice guys, made one of my favorite games: Dicecapades.  I was treated to a demo of their newest offering and I have to say it’s pretty great.

Dice rolling action!

The dice have different faces: goats, chickens, oxen, and Chupacabra.  You win by collecting all the dice in the game.  You take dice from your opponents by matching the Chupacabras you roll with their farm animals.  This is how the game really hooked me.  At the end of the game I was rolling over twenty dice and there is nothing I love more than rolling huge handfuls of dice.  The presentation of this game is pretty slick; the dice look incredible, have a great feel (meaning they’re solid and have weight) and glow in the dark.  Also, they plan on including with the game a letter from a Chupacabra scholar educating you about the subject of the game.  Overall this game is impressive, fun, and has easy to grasp game play.  I had to play it twice at the convention and can’t wait for July when I’ll be able to play it again.  For more information and to preorder, go here.

I’m going to post again this week because I have a lot of news and reviews from PAX to get through. Thursday you’ll be treated to a ‘best of’ posting with lots of pictures and then next Tuesday I’ll finish my PAX coverage with a piece on Mesa Mundi’s Touch System.


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