Other Things to Play: Zombie Dice


The cup of dice

Zombie Dice is a dice based game from Steve Jackson Games.  These are the same people that made Chez Goth, Munchkin, and a favorite among my circle, Illuminati.  Like most of their offerings, it’s a simple game that can be difficult to master.  The game comes with thirteen dice.  Each die is a victim and they are color coded to represent how hard it is to catch and eat the brains of said victim. Oh, did I mention?  You are the zombie!

The three colors and faces of Zombie Dice

There are three different faces on the dice, the brain which scores you a point, the shotgun blast, and the feet which represent the victim getting away.  The first player to get thirteen brains is the winner.  And you can roll until you decide to stop rolling.  The catch is, if you roll three shotgun blasts, your turn is over and you lose all the brains you accrued during that turn.  The strategy comes into play with the three difficulties of dice.  You remove every brain or shotgun and reach back into the cup to replace them.  As you go on, you have more of a chance of pulling out one of the red dice (the die with the most shotgun faces) and causing yourself to lose all your brains.  The play encourages the occasional risky move, and sometimes it pays off in a very gratifying way.

All twelve dice

I first discovered this game last year at PAX East.  It was great for lines.  That’s one of the upsides of this game; it’s one of those things you can play anywhere.  To me, this is huge.  Paul and I were playing it in Starbucks while we were waiting for a movie.  Another high point is that this game is based on dice.  I, for reasons I don’t quite understand, love the act of rolling dice.  All in all, this is a simple game that can be played anywhere with anyone and very quickly.  The games never last more than five minutes.  This is a fun game at a good price and I’ll have it with me at PAX East this year.

Speaking of PAX East, make sure you come back for my PAX coverage next week.  I plan to take tons of pictures and play a lot of games and I’m going to write about everything.  Also, follow me on twitter @Costontine for quick thoughts throughout the weekend.  And maybe I’ll see you there!


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